Digital Conversion Center

The Bartlesville Public Library would like to warmly thank the Bartlesville Rotary Club 2476 for their sponsorship of $350 to assist in the creation of a Digital Conversion Center. This equipment allows users to convert older personal media to new technology. For example, VHS tapes or camcorder tapes can be converted to DVD and cassette tapes and even vinyl records can be converted to CD or flashdrive.

The Digital Conversion Center is located in the Local & Family History room of the Library. This center is a self-service center and can be reserved in two-hour blocks. Library staff will provide basic instruction and the patron performs the conversions. The equipment does conversions in real time, so if you are converting a two-hour tape from one media to another it will take two hours to perform the conversion. Patrons using the technology should bring a CD, flashdrive, or DVD to load their converted files onto.
Users are also required to sign a release indemnifying the library should the media become damaged in the conversion process and agreeing to follow copyright laws. The center is available for library patron use at no charge during library hours. Call 918-338-4167 to make a reservation for the center; we love that we can help you preserve your memories!