The New BPL “Library Lane Express”!

Bartlesville Public Library is expanding services by offering a Library Lane Express. This new service will enhance patron experience by catering to those with specific limitations and needs. Do you have a physical limitation that will cause you difficultly walking about the library in search of materials? Perhaps you have a sick child or an item on hold, and don’t have the time to come in to go through the check-out process.

Simply visit the BPL catalog at, find the materials you need, call 918-338-4171, tell us what you need, and BPL staff will let you know how much time they need to gather the items on your behalf! Come to the Library, park in the Library Lane Express located on the west side of our main entrance. Call us upon your arrival (918-338-4171). Staff will hand deliver your materials to your vehicle! The Library Lane Express will kick off on Monday, October 8, 2018.

Bartlesville Public Library – serving our community with excellence!

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