3D Printing is here!

We recently added a Dremel 3D45 3D filament printer to the collection of amazing services offered to customers. The library will be having an intro to 3D printing class on the 21st of February from 6-8 PM. Topics covered will include an intro to the world of 3D printing, the differences in printers, and a guide on how to format files to be printed on the library printer. Jobs for customers are free and are handled by library staff. Projects are restricted to the filament the library uses, a height of no more than 6”, and an estimated print time of no more than 10 hours. Customers can make a request for a print job once per week and the job will be added to the queue of requests. For more information on specific jobs come by and talk to the reference desk or attend one of our classes on 3D printing. The library is able to offer this amazing new service through a generous grant from ConocoPhillips.