Join us for a special recording from Kevin Wood, a professional Abraham Lincoln presenter, for his hour-long program A New Birth of Freedom, available for viewing on the library’s website and Facebook page, debuting Wednesday, February 10 at 4 pm and available for viewing till Wednesday, February 17.

A New Birth of Freedom will be a first-hand account from Abraham Lincoln himself of the United States from 1776 to the end of the Civil War in 1865. This period was a remarkable time for our young nation;  a time of exciting new ideas, growth and tremendous change. Yet at the same time, the period experienced great conflict and an uncertain future for the nation. This would all lead to twelve turbulent years (1854-1865), which almost destroyed our nation, but ultimately resulted in a “new birth of freedom.” Mr. Lincoln will also quote from his best-known speeches and writings, and share his own inspiring story of how he rose from a humble background to the highest office in the land through self-study, hard work, ambition, and a strong moral character.

Kevin Wood, currently of Oak Park, Illinois, has been portraying Mr. Lincoln since 2000. He has made over 1,198 appearances in 26 states and 2 foreign countries. He has appeared at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and in Washington DC. This will be his first time presenting to an audience in Oklahoma.