BPL is Launching a New Partnership with Creativebug!

The Library is excited to announce a new partnership with Creativebug! 

Creativebug is a company that has 1000+ instructional videos that are accessible FREE with your BPL card. 
You may watch these videos at home or at the library. 

What kind of projects do they have?
Art + Design
Paper Crafting
Food + Home
Holiday + Party and

Check out the CBTV page, which are Facebook Live projects. Creativebug also offers a “Daily Practice Page” that helps you learn new skills while teaching new aspects every day! Finally, if you need a creative nudge, they have an “Inspiration Page”.

You may access Creativebug via the BPL website’s
online services link (HERE),
or go directly to the
BPL Creativebug URL (HERE).*

*The Creativebug website will require you to establish an account login.
After that, you can start enjoying all their awesome services and get your creativity flowing!

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