Fun and Easy Cooking with Tri-County-Tech’s Chef Mike Minnich

The Bartlesville Public Library Literacy Services is pleased to welcome, once again, Chef Mike Minnich from Tri-County-Tech to demonstrate Fun and Easy cooking tomorrow, March 14, at noon.

In our last session, Chef Minnich demonstrated cooking soups as he prepared Chicken Noodle soup and Broccoli Cheese soup for our enjoyment.

Chef Mike, also explained some of the terms used in cooking, such as “Mise En Place” which is French for, “to put in place” and is the most efficient method for cooking. “Mise En Place” is simply laying out all ingredients and tools in an organized and methodical way to make cooking even more fun and easy.

As he prepared the soups, Chef Mike also explained the different types of stock used for different types of soup, including Mirepoix, a standard vegetable stock made up of carrots, celery, and onion which is also known as “COCO” (carrots, onion, celery, onion), which, by the acronym, tells us that we always have one part carrots, one part celery and two parts onion in this stock.

Tomorrow, Chef Mike will be demonstrating cooking boneless pork chops with a reduction sauce. Don’t forget to come Wednesday, March 14 at noon, in Meeting Room A at the Bartlesville Public Library to enjoy the full sensory experience of watching Chef Mike prepare pork chops in reduction sauce.